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Attracting the Future!

ATTRACTAL Inc. is an attractor of diverse talent and informed expertise aiming to deliver applied singular insights to governments and organizations facing strategic and competitive challenges.

ATTRACTAL Inc. is a fractal structure of interdependent talent and expertise exhibiting a self-similar pattern of excellence, behavior, fitness, and performance that is repetitive at all scales.

ATTRACTAL Inc. (attractor + fractal) is a business acumen – functional and industry-specific – that emerges from an interdependent web of individual stakeholders partaking a singular collaborative way of thinking and imagining, free from the limitations inherent to the conventional analytical approaches. 




Irvine, CA, USA

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Areas of Expertise


Strategic and Competitive Intelligence

Global Advisory


Imagination and Technological Innovation



Private Wealth and Asset Management 

Merchant Banking


Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.
— Albert Einstein


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